🤔 Meaning – Thinking Face Emoji

The 🤔 meaning is Thinking Face. An emoji face deep in thought, with a finger and thumb on the chin. It is mainly used to indicate that someone is thinking about something. The emoji may vary slightly in appearance depending on the platform. Some versions of this emoji seem to be more annoyed with a much deeper frown than other emojivarians on other platforms. While the thinking face may seem self-explanatory, it can actually be used in many different ways, and so there are many different meanings. The most obvious and fitting is that it is used to indicate that you are thinking about something. Your friend asks you for lunch, but you have to work a lot and unfortunately can not eat with him. You could answer, “Hmmm not sure, just work a lot 🤔”

Similarly, 🤔 emoji can also be used if you have an idea or solution to a problem. In that case, you could combine the emoji with a thought bubble or a light bulb. An example of this: You and your friends are currently discussing in group chat where you are going together on the weekend. You have a great idea, which you want to suggest to your friends. You could say something like, “Let’s go to the water park 🤔”

Another common use for this emoji is the questioning of a person or an idea. Let’s say you have not had lunch yet and you want to meet with your friend. This friend suggests a cheap fast food restaurant, although you’ve always had pizza for the past few days. You could answer, “Pizza? Again 🤔 “. 2015 released in Unicode 8.0 and added to Emoji version 1.0.

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Unicode: U+1F914
Hex NCRs: 🤔
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