☕ Meaning – Hot Beverage Emoji

The ☕ meaning is Hot Beverage. It is also known as Coffee, Tea, Espresso and Hot Chocolate. A cup containing a steaming hot drink is shown here. This emoji varies a lot according to platform. For example, some show a saucer, such as Apple, Google, & WhatsApp. On Samsung the ☕ Emoji is also a white foam tulip, which stands for Latte Art. The temperature of the beverage could also be guessed, because on some platforms, a steam over the ☕ cup is shown, while in others, the drink could just as well be cold. But when do you use the ☕ emoji? You want to invite a friend for coffee, want to make a breakfast or something similar – then the ☕ emoji is just right for you.

For example, suppose that it is still early in the morning and you are still very tired. Your WG roommate, however, is an early bird and is already totally awake. He asks you something about a math task he has to do. You are still too tired to do anything and need a coffee first. Your answer could be: “No idea, I need a big ☕ first” This emoji was approved as part of Unicode 4.0 and thus in 2003 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Unicode: U+2615
Hex NCRs: ☕
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