⅓ Vulgar fraction one third


The ⅓ symbol has the meaning Vulgar fraction one third. It belongs to the category Numeral. The character represents a fraction which has the number one in the numerator and the number three in the denominator. In decimal notation, the fraction one third would be converted to 0.33. In percent, it would be 33.33%. If you multiplies the fraction one third with three, then 1 comes out. Exactly the same result obtains, if you sum up the fraction one third tree times with itself. Imagine that you and two friends are ordering a delicious round pizza. Since you are all friends, you want to divide the pizza fairly. For this you cut them into exactly three equal parts. Then each of you has exactly one third of the pizza. But how can you copy the fraction one third. You can easily do this by pressing the copy button below.

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UTF-8/ Unicode U+2153

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