½ Vulgar fraction a half copy

You can copy Vulgar fraction a half by pressing the copy button below. This sign is probably the most widely used fraction. Fraction a half represents a half, 50% or 0.5 of something. Here, the numerator is the number one and at the bottom is the denominator with the number two. If one multiplies this fraction by two, then 1 comes out. The exact same result is obtained when the fraction is summed up with itself. Imagine buying a bar of chocolate with your friend. You then split them exactly in the middle, so that you have two equal parts. Each of you will now have ½ of the chocolate. An application example would be: “I bought ½ bread.” You want to copy the fraction a half? You can easily do that by using the copy button below.

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Unicode: U+00BD
Hex NCRs: ½
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