☺ Meaning – Smiling Face Emoji

The ☺ meaning is Smiling Face. The Smiling Face could be considered the founding father of Emojis. This emoji has a smiling mouth, closed eyes and flushed cheeks. However, this face can be very different depending on the platform. In a pure textual form, this face could be described as the simple combination of :), but the rosy cheeks give the Emoji version a much warmer meaning. This is your most basic happy emoji and is a great all-round expression with a number of different uses. Expressing happiness is the most common use, but it can also be used to signal a match of something, or it can even be used in flirty scenarios. The meaning behind this emoji can often be changed with accompanying text, making it the emoji equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife. The Smiling Face Emoji was approved as part of the Unicode version 1.1, which is actually older than the emojis itself. The ☺ Emoji was added to Emoji version 1.0.

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Unicode: U+263A
Hex NCRs: ☺
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