😍 Meaning – Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes Emoji

The 😍 meaning is Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes. It is also known as Heart Eyes and Heart Face. The emoji shows a smiling face with two hearts-eyes. The mouth of the emoji face is open and grins wide. In addition, you can see the teeth of the 😍 emoji on most platforms. First of all as a sign that you love someone or something. Depending on your chosen news platform, the hearts may be either red or pink. Incidentally, 😍 emoji is one of the most popular emojis of love. This is the ideal emoji face for a Valentine’s Day message or if you are responding to something that you like very much. Let’s say your girlfriend posts a video of an absolutely cute kitten playing with a yarn ball. You could just use the emoji to show that you find this little kitten super cute and would love to snuggle with her right now.

Usually words related to 😍 emoji are rarely used, but it can be amplified by 😘 emoji to show even more love. Your partner will send you roses, chocolates and a nice card on Valentine’s Day. A suitable answer would be: “I love you too 😍😘😍” So the 😍 meaning is very different from the situation in which it is used. In addition, the relationship with your partner is crucial for the meaning of this emoji. It makes a difference whether you write with your lover and use 😍 emoji or talk to a friend about a cute kitten. The Heart Eyes Emoji was added as part of Emoji Version 1.0 in 2015 alongside other well-known emojis.

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Unicode: U+1F60D
Hex NCRs: 😍
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