‰ Per mill sign


The ‰ symbol has the meaning Per mill sign. It belongs to the category Units & Letter-like Symbols. This symbol shows a slash, which has been added a small circle in the upper left corner and two small circles in the lower right corner. The Per mill symbol is similar to the % Percent sign. The difference between the two figures is that % stands for 0.01 and ‰ for 0.001. So with the one Per mill sign, you can give a thousandth of something. Thus, for example, 5 ‰ = 0.5%. The thousandths is often used in banking and insurance, for example, to specify the frequency of damages per 1000 risks. Furthermore, the symbol is also used in rail traffic to indicate inclines or gradients. The most well-known application finds the Per mill sign in the indication of the blood alcohol content. Unfortunately, there is not a simple key combination for the Per mill sign. If you want to copy this symbol, you can do that easily and quickly below.

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UTF-8/ Unicode U+2030

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