≠ Not equal to sign copy

You can copy Not equal to sign by pressing the copy button below. It is also known as Unequal, Different, Uneven, Inequality or Dissimilar. The ≠ symbol shows a crossed throu = sign. It is, so to speak, the opposite or the negative form of the equality sign and yet a modification of it. But the equal sign can be found on a standard computer keyboard and the inequality sign unfortunately not. That’s why you can simply copy and paste the ≠ symbol on Emojimore.com.

The unequal symbol is used in arithmetic, which is a branch of mathematics. But when do you use the ≠ sign? You use it when both sides of an equation are not or no longer identical. So one side has a different mathematical value than the other. Here’s an example:
The equation 2 + x = 4 holds only if x takes the number 2. However, if you use a 3 for the x, the sum on the left side is 5. But as you know is 5 not the same as 4 because 5 – 4 is not 0. So you have to write for example:
2 + x ≠ 4 for x = 3

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Unicode: U+2260
Hex NCRs: ≠
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