😐 Meaning – Neutral Face Emoji

The 😐 meaning is Neutral Face. An expressionless face with round eyes and a straight mouth. The neutral face can be used in different scenarios. One area in which this emoji really shines is when it comes to deciding on something, and you’re more likely to think “er … janein” about the suggestions. Your friend will suggest a special lunch somewhere, but you are not keen to eat this particular type of food. You could answer with the 😐 emoji alone to show that you are not really interested or dissatisfied with the proposal. This neutral emoji face can also be used to stop a conversation. For example, someone starts a chat with you, but it was a long day and you look forward to a series of Netflix. If that conversation enthusiast can not be put off by a few polite words, then 😐 Emoji should emphasize your point. The neutral face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 and added to Emoji 1.0.

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Unicode: U+1F610
Hex NCRs: 😐
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