☹ Meaning – Frowning Face Emoji

The ☹ meaning is Frowning Face. A very sad emoji with a clearly unhappy mouth and neutral eyes. This is the kind of face that precedes a flood of tears. Some platforms even present the eyes as if they were about to rise. It could be said that this face is the emoji image of the 🙁 If you walk down the street and accidentally drop your car keys into a drain cap, that face would probably perfectly summarize your reaction, even if you experience something sad, or to respond to sad social media posts, basically this face is very suitable for expressing sadness, most of the time you do not need extra words to express what ☹ emoji means, let’s say you are looking forward to it After a long movie night with your friends, you have to cancel it because of a fever. “Frowning Face” was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993, making it one of the old school emojis, and later became Emoji 1.0 a year later 2015 added.

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Unicode: U+2639
Hex NCRs: ☹
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