🤬 Meaning – Face With Symbols Over Mouth Emoji

The 🤬 meaning is Face With Symbols Over Mouth. It is also often called scolding or insulting. The emoji shows a red emoji face with eyebrows drawn down. In addition, over the mouth of the 🤬 emoji is a black stripe, with different signs. The signs vary a lot according to platform. For example, Apple displays the characters “&$!#%” While Google displays “#$!@” Characters. The 🤬 meaning is anger and frustration. You’ve just been stolen your backpack in which all your valuables were? Then you could write: “My backpack was stolen from me 🤬” The 🤬 emoji was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 and thus in 2017, and 5.0 added to Emoji 2017.

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Unicode: U+1F92C
Hex NCRs: 🤬
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