🤨 Meaning – Face With Raised Eyebrow Emoji

The 🤨 meaning is Face With Raised Eyebrow. An emoji face with a neutral expression and a raised eyebrow – this emoji stands for skepticism or disbelief. It can also be used to demonstrate disapproval. Most platform versions are identical except for a few unique eyebrow shapes. If you misunderstand information or have trouble believing something, then that is the emoji equivalent of the kind of grimace you might draw. This questioning look is perfect in situations where you suspect a lack of truth. So let’s say you’re just coming home from work exhausted, trying to snack on some of your favorite biscuits. One of your roommates is a notorious cookie lover – just like you. But … where are the cookies – you have a vague guess. You confront the alleged cookie thief by mobile phone, but this deny any wrongdoing. You could answer something like, “Really?” You can also use this emoji very well to indicate that you do not like something. The emoji was released in Unicode 10.0 and added to Emoji 5.0.

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Unicode: U+1F928
Hex NCRs: 🤨
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