🤯 Meaning – Exploding Head Emoji

The 🤯 meaning is Exploding Head. The emoji is also known as Overwhelmed or Perplexed. It looks very different from news platform to news platform. So the 🤯 emoji has a gray, a white, a yellow or even a red cloud of smoke over his head. However, what all variants have in common is that only the lower half of the emoji face is displayed and the upper half is a cloud of smoke. But what is the 🤯 meaning? You are totally surprised or amazed? You are completely overwhelmed with something? Then the 🤯 emoji is perfect for you. Your best friend writes you that she moves to another town in a month – you could answer, “Are you serious? “

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Unicode: U+1F92F
Hex NCRs: 🤯
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