≙ Estimates copy

You can copy Estimates by pressing the copy button below. This symbol is sort of a subcategory of the equal sign. But when do you use the Estimates sign? Mainly it is used in mathematics and science to compare two different units with each other. Here is a small example: 100 points ≙ very good grade
But why not just use the equal sign? Mathematically, for example, points can not be converted into a school grade. So it would be wrong to put an equal sign. Unfortunately, there is no simple and comfortable Estimates Symbol key combination. In most writing programs, you can only insert the Estimates character via the built-in special characters selection. But you can copy the Estimates symbol by pressing on the copy button below. Then you can just paste it somewhere again.

Copy & Paste

Unicode: U+2259
Hex NCRs: ≙
Rate ≙ Estimates copy

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