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You can copy Double cross by pressing the copy button below. It is also known as Hashtag, Numbersymbol or Hash-Symbol. The symbol shows two vertical lines, which are crossed by two horizontal lines. Mostly it is probably used as a Hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to assign a picture or post to a specific topic. But the Double cross symbol can also be used in many other situations. Especially in the US it is used to mark numbers by numbering. Just write the # symbol in front of this number. For example: #1, #2, #3. In tables, the double cross replaces the word “number”. In mathematics, you can also use the double-cross sign as a replacement for a parallelogram. In addition, it is also used to denote the power of a amount. You want to copy the Hashtag sing? You can easily do that with the copy button below. By the way, you do not need a special keyboard combination to represent the Et Symbol. The Double cross even has its own button, which is located to the left of Enter.

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Unicode: U+0023
Hex NCRs: #
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