₿ Bitcoin Sign copy

You can copy Bitcoin Sign by pressing the copy button below. The sign shows the most known crypto-currency Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a “digital coin”. Cryptocurrencies are shipped using Blockchain technology. The special is that the value of Bitcoin should actually only be based on supply and demand. State and banks should not be able to influence the course directly. This can of course lead to enormous price fluctuations. This is how it happened with the Bitcoin, which in December 2017 almost cracked the $ 20000 mark. Then again it lost a lot of value. Thus, the Bitcoin has become primarily a speculative object. There is no keyboard shortcut for the Bitcoin symbol yet. A usage example of Bitcoin usage would be: “I just bought ₿ 0.01”

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Unicode: U+20BF
Hex NCRs: ₿
Rate ₿ Bitcoin Sign copy

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