xD Laughing with closed eyes


The xD emoticon has the meaning Laughing with closed eyes. It belongs to the category Laughing & happy Emoticons. It is also known as LOL Smiley, Laugh Out Loud or laughter. The xD emoticon shows the combination of the small Latin letter “x” and the large Latin letter “D”. Often, the xD smiley is also written completely capitalized (XD) or completely lowercase (xd). But the meaning does not change. But what is the xD meaning and when do you use this emoticon?

Although the xD smiley is used very often, many do not know exactly what it is actually used for. In general, the xD smiley expresses something positive and happy. xD is also often used as a visualization for LOL (Laugh Out Loud). So if you have to laugh about something, you can use the xD smiley face perfectly. Here are a few usage examples:

– “That’s so funny xD”
– “I have to laugh so much xD”
– “So horny xD”

By the way, the synonym emoji to the xD emoticon is the 😂 Face With Tears of Joy Emoji. The emoticon xD, the emoji 😂 and LOL can therefore be used synonymously in a text message. Another interesting fact is that, as with many other emoticons, the xD emoticon is also rotated 90 degrees. This also makes it clear that the “x” stands for the eyes and the “D” for an open smiling mouth.

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